Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Tilka Manjhi Agriculture College, Godda

The Tilka Manjhi Agriculture College, Godda, Jharkhand was established on 19 November, 2018 by the Government of Jharkhand under Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke, Ranchi, after the formal inauguration by Shri Randhir Singh, Hon’ble Minister of Ministry of Agriculture & Sugarcane Development, Fisheries, Animal Husbandrywith a view to impart knowledgeof agriculture and economic upliftment of tribes and other backward classes of Santhal Pargana. The college is named after Baba Tilka Manjhi (alias Jabra Paharia),known as the first freedom fighterin this region,who took up arms against the Britishers in the 1784, almost 100 years before Mangal Pandey. He organized the Adivasis to form an armed group to fight against the resource grabbing and exploitation behavious of the Britishers.

Although the foundation of this college was laid in the year 2005-06, it took almost thirteen years to start due to several challenges one after the other.Therigorous efforts of the then Deputy Commissioner Godda(Smt. Kiran Kumari Pasi, I.A.S.) andHon’ble M.P. Godda(Dr. Nishikant Dubey)were notable for the commencement of classes in this college.

Associate Dean

Dr. Amrit Kumar Jha  
Mobile: 9430112886
Landline : 0651-2450626
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