Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Salient Highlights of Research

  • Perfection of improved crop production technologies for the state.
  • Development improved varieties for all important crops of the State.
  • Promotion of SRI & Hybrid Rice Cultivation in the State through on farm trials & training to farmers.
  • Use of improved farm implements such as conoweeder, plastic drum seeder, multi crop vertical reaper, zero seed dril etc
  • Development of pest & disease resistant improved crop varieties.
  • Water saving and improved rain water management technologies for crops.
  • Site & farmer specific farming system research.
  • Protected cultivation of vegetables & flowers.
  • Integrated fish farming.
  • Integrated plant nutrient management for crops.
  • Management of soil acidity.
  • District level soil resource inventory for the State.
  • Research on Bio-fertilizer production & organic inputs.
  • Long term effect of manures & fertilizers on soil health and crop productivity.
  • T&D variety of pigs developed which are 4-5 times more remunerative than desi.
  • Local Black Bengal goat improved by crossing with Betal bucks.
  • Non-conventional locally available feeds like seed cake of Karang, Niger, Sal, Kusum, Damaged Apple, Marua, and Tamarind Seed developed as livestock feed.
  • Garlic, Mullethi and satawar tested for treatments of Mastitis.
  • Therapeutic regimen against blood protozoan disease standardized Cryo surgery for management of oral, ocular and proctogenital lesions.
  • Package for control of paramphistomiosis, fascioloiosis and G.I. nematode.
  • Package for tick and lice control and desired time parturition technique for saw.
  • Improved technique for induction of parturition in goat.
  • Technique for percutaneous transfixation of long bone fracture
  • Research Highlights
  • Research Highlights on 34th Rabi Research
  • Research Highlights on 35th Kharif Research