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Research Projects

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Funded Projects: Details of sixty-one outside funded projects including 38 All India Coordinated Research Projects have been presented below: TABLE-1: RESEARCH PROJECTS IN OPERATION DURING 2014-15 (A) ICAR Funded Projects:

Source of Funding Faculty Title of Project Year of Starting
(i) AICRPs Agriculture(35) AICRP on Agro Meteorology 01.04.1987
AICRP on FIM 01.04.1980
Soil Testing (Non Plan Research) NA
AICRP on A.P .A. 01.04.2004
AICRP on Utilization of Animal Energy 01.06.2009
AICRP on Post Harvest Technology 01.08.2009
AICRP on Renewable Sources of Energy 01.05.2009
AICRP on Wheat Improvement 01.04.1982
AICRP on MULLaRP 01.04.1976
AICRP on Groundnut 01.04.2001
AICRP on Soybean 01.04.1975
AICRP on Small Millets 01.04.1975
Permanent Manurial Trail (Non Plan Research) NA
AICRP on Sesame-Niger 01.04.1971
AICRP on Oilseed-Linseed 01.04.1971
AICRP on Under Utilized Crops 01.04.1985
AICRP on N.S.P. 01.04.1987
AICRP on Chickpea 01.04.2001
AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response NA
AICRP on Forage Crops 01.04.1971
AICRP on Rice Improvement 01.04.1980
AICRP on Maize / BAUIM-2 / BAUIM-3 / BAUIM-4 01.04.2005
AICRP on Pigeon Pea 01.05.2009
AICRP on Rapeseed-Mustard 01.04.1987
AICRP on Weed Control 01.04.1987
AICRP on I.F.S. 01.04.1983
AICRP on Long Term Fertilizer 01.04.1972
AICRP on Micro & Secondary Nutrients & Pollutant Elements in soils & Plants 01.04.2009
AICRP on Floriculture 01.04.2001
AICRP on Tuber Crops 01.08.1987
AICRP on Cashew 01.04.2009
AICRP on Spices 01.04.2009
AICRP on Tropical Fruits 01.04.2009
AICRP on Medicinal & Aromatic Plant and Betdvine 01.04.2008
AICRP on Dryland Agriculture 01.04.1971
Vetrinary(3) AICRP on Pigs 01.11.1987
AICRP on Poultry 01.04.2008
AICRP on Goat 01.04.2009
Forestary(1) AICRP on Agro-Forestary 01.04.1987
(ii) Network Project Agriculture(4) All India Network Project on Soil Biodiversity – Biofertilizer 01.04.2009
Network Project on Organic Farming 01.04.2009
Capacity Building of Tribal in Value-Addition and Post-Harvest Management of Agri. Horticultural Crop 2012-13
Molecular Marker Technology for Faster Wheat Breeding 2013-14
Veterinary(1) Outreach Programme (Monitoring of Drug Residues and Environment Pollutants) 01.04.2007
(iii) Mega Seed Project Veterinary(2) Mega Seed Project on Pig 01.12.2008
Mega Sheep Seed Project 01.04.2009
AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response01.04.1975 (B) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA FUNDED PROJECT:
DBT Agriculture(1) DBT-India-IRRl Network Project-From QTL to variety-marker Assisted Breeding of Abiotic Stress tolerant Rice Varieties with major QTLs for Drought 01.04.2009
DST Agriculture(2) Gene Campaign 01.04.2010
DST- Rice- Fallow – Enhancing the Income of source poor farmers through introduction and expansion of improved chickpea production Technologies in Rainfed Rice Fallow Land 01.04.2009
NRAA Agriculture(1) Pilot Study on capitalizing Opportunities of Rice Fallow for Sustainable Livelihood Development (Dumka / Palamau / Ranchi) 01.04.2009
Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi Agriculture(2) National Horticulture Mission Spices 01.04.2007
Precision Farming Development Centre(PEDC) 01.04.2009
Deptt. of Atomic Energy Agriculture(3) Development of drought tolerant Soybean Mutants having good agronomic characteristics such as short stature early manuring, high yielding and high oil percentage 2014-15
Developing Synchronized and drought tolerant mungbean varieties for Jharkhand 2014-15
Developing brassica mutants tolerant to soil acidity for Jharkhand. 2014-15
IRRI Agriculture(3) BMG Funded project – tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia for drought tolerant activities at BAU. July 2009
GCP -funded project- connecting performance under drought with genotypes through phenotype associations. Nov.2008
Harvest Plus Challenge Programme 2013
IPNI Agriculture(2) Site Specific Nutrient Management in Maize-Wheat Sequence 30.06.2009
Assessment of agronomic and economic benefits of fertilizer use in maize production system under variable farm size, climate and soil fertility condition in Eastern India 10.08.2012
IPI Agriculture(1) Effect of Potassium Application on yield in Vegetable based Cropping System 30.06.2011
(D) Projects approved during 2014-15 and 2015-16: Agricultural Science:
1 Study on Bio-efficiency of Haloxyfor 10.8% EC (w/v) in Blackgram and its residual DOW-AGROSCIENCES India
2 Empowerment of Farm Women through livestock technologies ICAR
3 Water Agriculture Livelihood Security in India CIPT
4 Assessment of mine water environment and development of suitable and cost effective mine void aqua-ecosystem for promoting fish culture in abandoned coal quarries of Coal India Limited. Coal India
5 Evaluation of Nutritious Cereals (Millets) for Food and Nutritional Security RKVY
6 Strengthening of Soil Testing Laboratory of Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry, BAU RKVY
7 Biofertilizer production unit RKVY
1 Progeny Testing in Cattle CIRC, Meerut
2 Progeny Testing in Buffalo CIRB, Hissar
3 Conservation of Chhotanaguri Sheep NBAGR, Kamal
Agricultural Science:
1 Resource Management in Acidic Soils of Jharkhand for Increasing Crop Productivity and Sustaining Soil Health NFSM
2 Identification and Seed Production of High Yielding Pigeonpea Hybrids (Medium Maturity) Under Rainfed Upland of Jharkhand NFSM
3 Enhancing Production and Productivity of Oilseed Crops Under Resource Poor Condition of Jharkhand GoI