Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Other Facilities

Green house, Glass house & Poly house

University has 7 Green houses, 4 glasshouses, 8 poly houses & 2 mist chambers for research, instruction as well as demonstration purposes. Students as well as farmers are trained about entrepreneurship development on protected horticulture technology in these poly houses.

Sports and Games

All the required facilities for games and sports, cultural and literary activities have been provided to students. Altogether, 4 sports fields are in the university out of which two are well developed while the other two are in the process of development. An athletic coach trains the students. Each hostel has been provided with Table Tennis set, Badminton court (open and indoor) and other indoor games facilities. Recently, University has developed a Gymnasium with state of the art Gym items at a place where indoor game facility is also available. In RVC Campus a gym coach guides the students. Students of Agriculture, Veterinary and Forestry faculties have been provided with essential musical instruments required for cultural programmes.

Instrumentation facilities

There is a Central Instrumentation Lab in different Faculties. Instruments are used for curricular research and research conducted under different projects. Some of these sophisticated instruments are: Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Automatic N Analyzer, Uv- VIS Spectrophotometer, Leaf Area Meter, Chlorophyll meter, Amino Acid Analyzer, Lyophiliser, Pressure Plate Apparatus, Photosynthesis Meter etc.

Video Conferencing

With the help of MANAGE, Hyderabad, Video conferencing facility was developed at ATIC, BAU. It is connected through ISDN. Through this facility farmers of this region are able to interact with scientists, agriculture officers and farmers of other states in India.

Birsa Hariyali Radio Station: A Comm unity Radio Station

A community Radio Station “Birsa Hariyali Radio was established in the ATIC with the help of Media Lab Asia and World Development Foundation, New Delhi. It started functioning on 3rd March 2008. The frequency allotted to this CRS is 107.8 FM. The coverage area of this CRS is 10 to 12 Km radius. Training for Radio Jockey is also being conducted after establishment of this radio station. One scientist is the In-charge of this Radio Station. One Co-ordinator and three Radio Jockeys have been engaged on temporary basis to run this CRS.

  • Veterinary clinic is well equipped with diagnostic and curative equipments like x-ray machine, dialysis unit, surgery facility, for outdoor and indoor treatment to cater the needs of ailing animals. Recently one intensive care unit (ICU) has been made functional. There is separate house for owner of the animal.
  • There is one Technology Park situated in the main campus where the recommended technologies are demonstrated for farmers. Beside there is one four ha integrated Farming System Model for training, demonstration & research purposes.
  • ATIC (Agriculture Technology Information Centre) is equipped with Kisan Call centre and Birsa Hariyali Community Radio centre to fulfill the queries and requirements of farmers of the state.