Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Associate Dean, College of Horticulture West Singhbhum

Horticulture College
Khuntpani, Chaibasa

Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) is a pioneer institute in agricultural research and education in Jharkhand state. The institute carries out its educational, research, extension education and seed production activities through its eleven colleges, sixteen Krishi Vigyan Kendras, three Zonal Research Stations and one Seed Production, Research & Training Center located in different parts of the state. There are three agro-climatic zones in the state that provide a huge scope for the production of different types of horticultural crops mainly vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops like medicinal, aromatic, spices, condiments, industrially important plants, mushroom, post-harvest management, honey production, gardening, ornamentation etc.

Now-a-days horticulture is considered as an incentive to farmers as it offers higher income than that of agricultural crops. In the agricultural education system, horticulture is an integral part and is focused on developing horticultural expertise among students.  Fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly rich in vitamins and minerals and act as nutritive, protective food along with being high value and export earning crops. For higher production and productivity, it is necessary to get thorough knowledge in horticulture. Horticultural crops are highly perishable in nature and require intensive care starting right from nursery management to postharvest handling. The intensive cultivation of horticultural crops involves various techniques as well.

With this backdrop, Horticulture College, Khuntpani has been established to provide skilled educated youth in horticulture sector, further to widen its scope in the state. The main strength of the college is excellent well trained human resource. As of now, the college is in inception phase, the physical growth is contributed with fifty students in each batch.

Dr. Angadi Rabbani
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