Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Associate Dean, Phulo-Jhano Murmu College of Dairy Technology, Dumka

Dr. Alok Kumar Pandey
Mobile: 9431325526
Email: deandt.dumka@gmail.com, dralokkumarpandey@gmail.com

B.Tech (Dairy Technology) is four year full time professional degree programme and students can get admission only after clearing competitive exams at state level or ICAR entrance test. In our college we are following the latest 5th Dean’s Committee Guidelines of ICAR. Various academic activities of the college are harnessed through the five different departments namely, Dairy Technology, Dairy Engineering, Dairy Microbiology, Dairy Chemistry and Dairy Business Management in terms of Milk Production, Processing and Marketing. The course curricula for B. Tech (Dairy Technology), is prepared as a unique job oriented degree programme which leads to a total development of graduates and make them capable to face varied situations in their field of work. Students are also enriched with entrepreneurial qualities to start their own industry. Commensurate with the potential requirement of the expanding Dairy Industry of the country, the College admits 30 students in four year degree programme.