Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Vice Chancellor Phone No Email
Dr. Onkar Nath Singh Mob:- NA 0651-2450500, 2450777 vc@bauranchi.org
Registrar Phone No Email
Dr. N Kudada 0651-2450022 Mob: 9934270068 1. registrarbaujharkhand@gmail.com 2. registrar@bauranchi.org
Scientific Advisor to Vice Chancellor Phone No Email
Dr P K Singh 8986721058 1. pksinghbau@yahoo.co.in
Director Administration Phone No Email
Sri Rakesh Roshan 0651-2450610 Mob: da@bauranchi.org da_bau@rediffmail.com
Deans of Faculties (Dean,PGS) Phone No Email
Dr. M. K. Gupta Mob:- 9431101588 1. deebauranchi@gmail.com 2. deanpgbauranchi@gmail.com
Dr. M.S.Yadava Dean, RAC Mob:- 9934343050 1. deanagriculture@bauranchi.org 2. deanagrilbau@gmail.com
Dr. Sushil Prasad, Dean (RVC) Mob:- +91-9431594244 1. deanveterinary@bauranchi.org 2. sushilprasad@bauranchi.org 3. sushil.paullpm@yahoo.in
Dr. M. H. Siddiqui, Dean (Forestry) Mob: +91-9431176108 +91-7903414695
  1. mhsiddiqui@bauranchi.org
2. drmh_siddiqui@rediffmail.com
Associate Dean Phone No Email
Dr. (Mrs.) Manigopa Chakarborty, Biotechnology Mob:- 9431594011 1. manigopa291061@yahoo.com
Dr. A. K. Singh, Fisheries Mob:- 9431581001 1. aksingh63@yahoo.com
Dr. M.S Yadava, Tilka Manjhi Agriculture College, Godda 9934313050 1. deanagriculture@bauranchi.org 2. deanagrilbau@gmail.com
Dr. M.S Yadava, Rabindra Nath Tagore Agriculture College, Deoghar 9934313050 1. deanagriculture@bauranchi.org 2. deanagrilbau@gmail.com
Dr. M.S Yadava, College of Horticulture, West Singhbhum 9934313050 1. deanagriculture@bauranchi.org 2. deanagrilbau@gmail.com
Er. D. K. Rusia, College of Agricultural Engg. 9431543781 dkrusia@gmail.com
Dr. S K Pal, College of Agriculture, Garhwa 9431175736 dr_s_k_pal@yahoo.co.in
Director Agribusiness Management Phone No. Email / Fax
Dr. M.S Yadav +91-9934313050 1. deanagriculture@bauranchi.org 2. deanagrilbau@gmail.com
Director Research Phone No Email
Dr . A. Wadood +91-9431371693 1. directorresearch@bauranchi.org 2. dr_bau@rediffmail.com
Additional Director Research Phone No Email
Dr. Sohan Ram +91-9431772462 sohanrambau@rediffmail.com
Director Extension Education Phone No Email
Dr. J. Oraon
 deebauranchi@gmail.com sssbjo@gmail.com
Additional Director Extension Education Phone No Email
Dr. S. Karmakar 9431929915 skarmakar07@gmail.com
Director Seed and Farm Phone No Email
Dr. Rishi Pal Singh Mob:- 9431701162 1. dsf@bauranchi.org
Director Student Welfare Phone No Email
Dr. D.K. Shahi 9431371709 1. dsw@bauranchi.org 2. dkshahi@bauranchi.org 3. dksbau@gmail.com
Director PIM Phone No Email
Comptroller Phone No Email
 Sri Ashok Pathak Mob:- 9709273009 comptroller_bauranchi@rediffmail.com
First Appellate Authority (RTI) Phone No Email
Dr M S Malik Mob: 9934582241 8789823611 mohdsujamalik@yahoo.com
Public Information Officer Phone No Email
Dr Kaushal Kumar  7633939717 pio@bauranchi.org kaushal.berbal@gmail.com
Nodal officer Chief Minister Jan Samvad and CPGRAMS Phone No Email
Dr. B K Agarwal 9431222937 1. bkassac@gmail.com 2. bkagarwal@bauranchi.org