Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )


Strengthen Teaching Programmes and Services

In Preparation of the Perspective Plan, we identified the area-wise goals, as perceived in our mandate, which have been outlined below. Under each goals, we also identified the characteristics by which our sources will be determined. These goals and characteristics will guide the individuals units of the University as they develop specific objectives of their own.

  • Student-centered approaches to learning
  • Increasing innovation and excellence in teaching and advising
  • A broad range of intellectually sound curricula and enhanced liberal education
  • Greater efforts to serve non- traditional students vocational education / guidance
  • Strong and accessible students support services to foster individual persistence and growth.
  • Increased involvement of senior faculty members in U.G. & P.G. education
  • Increased number of PG and doctoral programmes of National and international standard

Strengthen Research Programmes

  • Improvement in quality and quantity of basic research, applied research and the transfer of research results into practice
  • Increased sponsored funding for research, applied research and the transfer of research results
  • More emphasis on research programmes related to area-specific needs and economic development
  • Increased number of faculty members who are nationally and internationally qualified
  • Strengthen collaboration with National/International organisations

Strengthen Outreach and Extension Efforts

  • National leadership in defining the role of Land-grant-University likes B.A.U. as public source of practical knowledge and applied research
  • Integration of outreach with teaching and research efforts
  • Development of information-sharing arrangements on regional, national and international levels
  • Expanded off-campus offering of courses to have better orientation of farming situation

Sustain and Enhance an Intellectually Stimulating Environment and a Supportive University Community

  • Intellectual curiosity and vigorous brainstorming sessions on important ideas and issues
  • Opportunities for all students, faculty and staff to realize their intellectual, academic and professional potential
  • A wide range of extracurricular and leadership opportunities for students
  • Increased institutional responsiveness, creativity and agility. A community concerned about the well being of all its members.

Establish national leadership in the integration and effective use of Information Technology and computation Services

  • Innovative educational programmes that integrate and maximize the benefits of information technology and computation
  • Improved training and support services for computer and communication technology with access to international network

Strengthen initiative to stimulate economic development of the area, enhancing human resources and quality of citizen’s life

  • Emphasis on developing regional agriculture for a global market, improved profitability and qualified human resources
  • Efforts to assess local and regional needs, conduct research and assist communities, business and citizens using research results