Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Facilities, Tilka Manjhi Agriculture College, Godda

Library services

Since the inception of college, the process for establishment of library was being started. Still, we are in developmental phase holdingcomprehensive facility for about hundred students at a time. We have initially targeted to collect books of contemporary period that can help students for their internal examination as well as various competitive examinations in future. In this effort, we have so far collected more than 2200 books, in which 39 books were donated by our Ranchi Agriculture College library, and a major around 2100 books were purchased with the help of the Zila Parishad, Godda. Some books were also donated by our faculty members. Students can access this facility including wi-fi facility from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM on working days.


The university has provided ambulance as well as bus for students’ requirement and (or) visit, andhas also providedtwo tractors for agriculture field preparation and transportation of heavy items.


This college has been established on uneven terrain. So, it is very difficult to get flat land for sports and other outdoor events. Hence, on request a playground was prepared with the help of District Administration to facilitate our student.  

High Mast Lighting Tower

National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd, Goddahas donated one high mast lighting tower to our college which has installed in the centre of our college campus.This tower has having 60 feet height, which illuminates90 meters radius and coversmajor portions of our college premises.

Open Gym

Two open gyms wereinstalled near boys and girls hostelsin 2018-19 by District Mineral Federation Trust, Godda under their scheme of Installation of Open Gym. Students can use these facilities for enhancement of their physical fitness. 

Wire Fencing of Boundary Wall

For the enhancement students’ physical security, height of college boundary wall was increased by installing barbed wire over the existing fence by taking financial help from MPLAD fund.

Main Gates

Initially,a public road for nearby villagers passed through the college campus, whichcreated difficulties in enclosing the college campus. Now, a separate road outside from college campus was given to the villagers with the help of district administration that also provided ease situation for construction of college gates with the help of Zila Parishad Godda.

Baba Tilka Manjhi Statue

The statue of Baba Tilka Manjhi was installed in college portico on August 22, 2019 andunveiled by Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand, Smt. Draupadi Murmu. It is a symbol of pride of representing the glory and bravery of Baba Tilka Manjhi. We are making an attempt to honour his historical contribution as freedom fighter especially in this region.

Plantation Programme

An initiative has been taken by the faculties to run plantation programme with the help of students. On this green campus initiative around 500 saplings were planted with the help of district administration.

Field Preparation

We getby and large concrete soil as heritage in the campus which is not suitable for field crops. Hence, some effortshavebeen taken with help of local administrationto get fertile soil from nearby ponds. It gives conducive soil health in field preparation for experimental plots. Nowadays, students are conducting field experiments under the supervision of faculty on improvised field.


Previously, this college was connected with rural power supply line. Because of this, regular power trip was common phenomenon.On request this college was connected to the urban sector power line. In turn, it improved the power supply quality.

College Park

A park was built in the college campus by the District Administration for aesthetic and recreational purposes among students. It is an important spacefor interaction as well as introspection to nature.

Self Defence Classes

Taekwondo classes were started with a view to improve self-defence skills among students. This step has been taken for preparing students for detecting and defusing potentially dangerous situations by teaching them basic techniques for fending off attackers and molesters.