Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Facilities, Faculty of Forestry, Ranchi


Library of the Faculty of Forestry has the collection of books on Forestry, Botany, Environmental sciences, Geology, medicinal plants and includes over 7060 volumes and documents.

Collection of Books – 72,218
Thesis – 30
Journals: India,Foreign – 632
Books donated – 85
Periodicals/Magazines – 02
Readers Visited – 651
Books consulted – 303


The Faculty places a very high emphasis on discipline of students both inside and outside the campus. Students must abide by the Faculty and hostel rules and agree to confirm to rules and regulations enforced from time to time. They must not to do anything either inside or outside the Faculty that will interfere with its orderly governance, discipline and image. Students must attend lectures, practical classes, short term excursions to near by forests and long tour regularly. A minimum attendance of 75 percent in lectures for each subject is essential for appearing in the semester Examinations. Thus, students should attend all theory and practical classes from the first day of the academic year. In case of absence due to unavoidable circumstances, students are advised to take prior permission from the Dean/ Head. In case of absence due to illness, students will have to produce a medical certificate with an application from their parents or guardian. In such cases, parents / guardians or hostel warden should inform the authorities immediately. Students should not damage the property of the Faculty. Cost of such damage will be recovered from students, parents/guardians of the students. Students must always carry their Identity Card and produce it on request. Students should park their cycles/ motorcycles in an orderly manner at the vehicle stand. Students should follow the rules of the Hostel Mess/ Canteen. Students are advised to read the Notice Board regularly. Students are strictly prohibited from possessing or consuming spirits, tobacco products and narcotic drugs either within or outside the Campus. Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited by law. Any student found ragging other students will be summarily expelled from the Faculty and dealt with as per directive of the Hon. Supreme Court / Hon. High Court.

Dress Code

The students are required to bear the dress prescribed by the college. For forestry students the dress code is: Pista green shirt and deep green trousers


Hostel facilities are provided to all the admitted students for forestry. The Faculty has one boys Hostel namely Bhairavi Hostel with a beautiful park at the same campus and they are required to reside in the rooms allotted in the Hostel and take food in common mess. There are separate Hostels for girl students.

Girls Common Room

For providing facilities to girl students & staffs, separate common room is available to discuss different issues for women empowerment in the Faculty.

Solar lights

In boys hostel, girls hostel, guest houses & in faculty campus, every where, solar lights, have been established for providing continuous light facility.


Faculty has a combined medical

dispensary with the University for all Faculties in between head quarter and Central library which is equipped with a ambulance providing 24 hrs service to students and employees.

Sports, Games and Extra Curricular Activities at the


The Faculty has comprehensive facilities for most outdoor sports and games and a host of extra curricular activities, so necessary for the overall and healthy development of young people, and encourages participation by students. We have a beautiful health club with

modern, well equipped multi-gym, a fine new ground and courts for football, hockey, cricket, kabaddi, tennis, volley ball, badminton etc. Coaches are also available for their guidance. Traditional festivals like Saraswati puja, Sarhool and X-Mas are also celebrated with devotion at the Hostel and Auditorium of the university. The Faculty teams have regularly participated at students festival sponsored by ICAR New Delhi, where they have begged awards in various events. The Students have participated various Inter-University meets and tournaments at the National level in tennis, basket ball, badminton, volley ball and football.

Laboratories, ARIS and Field Research Centre

The Faculty has ARIS Cell with computers, laboratories, Green house and other physical and field research facilities.