Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Facilities, College of Horticulture, West Singhbhum

Library Services

The Library at the Horticulture College, Khuntpani, Chaibasa is fully functional, well furnished with a total of 1874 books under various disciplines such as Agronomy, Soil Science, Farm Machinery, Floriculture & Landscaping, Vegetable Science, Fruit Science, Post-Harvest Technology, Basic Science, Extension, Economics, Plant Pathology, Nematology, Entomology, in addition to competitive books. We have initially targeted to collect books of contemporary period that can help students for their internal examination as well as various competitive examinations in future. Currently, the library is operational for both the students and faculties with active issue and return system within stipulated working hours i.e., 10.00 AM- 6.00 PM. It is also provided with separate reading rooms, issue and stack area, computer room etc.


There are four laboratories viz. a. Basic Science laboratory b. Horticulture, Vegetable, Post-harvest technology Laboratory c. Plant Protection laboratory d. Natural resource management laboratory. All laboratories are under developmental condition. Though some instruments are installed currently like pH meter, Moisture analyser, Kjeltron (Nitrogen estimation system), Spectrophotometer, Millipore, HPLC and Arsenic testing kit for conducting various practical at UG levels. A Mushroom Unit as well as vermicomposting unit is already developed by concerned faculty members.


A separate well-established hostel for boys and girls is available in the campus. The capacity is around 150 students. As our campus is 100 percent residential, presently some students have been shifted to non-teaching staff quarter as a boy’s hostel. There is an urgent requirement of Boys hostel as well as girl’s hostel with all facilities in our campus.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Some of the required facilities for games and sports, have been provided to students. College has one sports field, even though it is not well developed. Development of the outdoor sports field is under construction. Separate sports ground for girls and boys are being prepared. However, each hostel has been provided with Table Tennis set, Badminton court (open and indoor) and other indoor games facilities like carom, Chess etc. Infrastructures for sports and recreation are under development.

High Mast Lighting Tower

Four Solar high musk lights have been installed in the campus with the fund givens by Deputy Commissioner chaibasa. This tower has having 12-meter height, which illuminates90 meters radius and covers major portions of our college premises.

Wire Fencing of Boundary Wall

For the enhancement students’ physical security, height of college boundary wall was increased by installing barbed wire over the existing fence.

Main Gates

A separate approach road has been constructed by the help of district administration from Binj village to college campus. Though it was not enough to connect with the main road, as college campus is far away (5kms) from the main service road. A proposal was been given to DC, Saraikela and was approved by the same authority for construction of road.

Plantation Programme

Plantation programme is going on since beginning. There are many forests tree, fruit, shrub, flower, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic plants with the aim of making the campus green. Planting programme was conducted during KishanMela Cum Farmers Fair, during the visit of Hon’ble Tribal welfare minister Sri. Arjun MundaJi, during world Environment Day as well as through HELP module programme.

Field Preparation

The soil of this campus is sandy loam (Acidic) with lots of gravels and stones which is not suitable for field crops. Hence, some effortshavebeen taken with help of local administrationto get fertile soil from nearby Sanjay river bank and local ponds. Different types of compost such as weed compost, vermicompost, dry & wet compost have been prepared for enriching soil.   It gives conducive soil health in field preparation for experimental plots. Now-a-days, students are conducting field experiments, HELP programme, under the supervision of faculty on improvised field.


The vehicle is available for day to day use of the different college works including emergency services and taking the students to sadder hospital for their medical treatments. The university has provided one tractors for agriculture field preparation and transportation of heavy items.

College Function Plot

A park/Lawn was developed in the college campus directed by the Associate Dean for the aesthetic and recreational purposes among students and faculties. It is an important space for interaction as well as introspection to nature.


Previously, this college was connected with rural power supply line. Because of this, regular power trip was common phenomenon. On request this college was connected to the urban sector power line. In turn, it improved the power supply quality.