Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Extension Education

The success of agricultural research and development system is reflected by the quantum of adoption of agricultural technologies by the farmers. This is an achievement by transfer of technology through well-organized extension programmes. Directorate of Extension Education, which is the spinal cord of the university has done a commendable job in extending proven agricultural technology at the farmer’s field with its limited resources.

  • Farm Advisory and Technical Support Services
  • Information Dissemination and Input Delivery
  • T.V. and Radio Talks through Akashvani and Doordarshan

Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

A) Introduction

The Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) is single window support system linking the various units of a research institute with intermediary and end users in decision making and problem solving exercises.

B) Objective

  • To provide a single window delivery system for the product and service available from the institute to the farmers and other interested group as a process of innovativeness in technology dissemination at the institutional level.
  • To facilitate direct access of the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology, advice, products etc. for reducing technology dissemination losses.
  • To create a mechanism for feedback from the users to the institute.

C) Highlights

ATIC is functioning since 28/04/2003 in Birsa Agricultural University main campus. During the year 2012 – 13, following services were provided to the intermediary and end users.

  • Technological inputs worth Rs. 20,53,539.00 (Rs. twenty lakh fifty three thousand five hundred thirty nine) only were sold.
  • Farmers were advised on agricultural, horticultural and veterinary related problems:-

i) Through BAU call centre 2450698/2450955-391 calls.

ii) Through KCC toll free no. 18001801551/1551-4494 calls.

  • Farmers visited ATIC for seeking information and suggestions – 8500 farmers.
  • Unpriced publication (folders) distributed among farmers – 20000 copies.
  • Priced publications (3850 copies) worth Rs. 38,500/- (Rs. Thirty eight thousand five hundred) only were sold.
  • Printing Press : Offset printing press has printed formats, folders, booklets, bulletins, and receipt books during the year. Altogether 20,000 copies of extension literature were published on the topics vyavsaya niyojan evam vikas, Jharkhand mein sukar palan ki unnat vidhi, soyabean ke mulya samvardhit utpad, chujon kaa palan-poshan evam rakh-rakhav and kharif phasalon mein samekit rog prabandhan.
  • Video-Conferencing : The video conferencing system is based on ISDN technology which is required to be changed..
  • Exhibition : ATIC participated in R.K. Mission Getalsud Krishi Mela, Agrotech Kisan Mela-2013 BAU, State Level Krishak Mela, Dhurwa, International Conference organized by NHM at Kanke.
  • Exposure Visit : Approximately 10000 farmers and officials through different NGOs and societies visited ATIC on exposure visit.
  • University Museum : Altogether 5000 persons visited the museum during the year under report.
Sl.No.ParticularRateSale value (in Rs.)Expenditure (in Rs.)Profit (in Rs.)
2Fertilizer (chemical)1972770.001467241.0039455.40
ABirsa Kisan Diary308095.006161.90
BPathari Krishi2920.0058.90
Priced publication8945.00178.90
4Transport1 day @Rs.500/-500.00
11 days @Rs.700/-7700.00
7News Paper788.00
8Vehicle (JH 01J-6376) repairing charge5593.00
9Comptroller Remittance97314.00

Profit is calculated on sale value. Stock of remaining balance is lying at ATIC godown.
Sale/ Distribution of Technological Inputs

ATIC faciliteted the sale of following technology inputs:

Sl.No.InputQuantity SoldRevenue generated (in Rs.)
Rhizobium67930 pkts of 100 8m1018950.00
Azotobactor4202 pkts of 100 8m63030.00
PSB culture51490 pkts 100 gm772350.00
BGA72 pkts of 1 kg1440.00
Azolla28 pkts of 1 kg560.00
2Tissue cultured plants115623.00