Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Central Library

The Central Library, Birsa Agricultural University was established in the year 1987. During the last 33 years of its existence, sincere efforts have been made to equip the library with latest Books, Periodicals and other Resources of Learning. The Post graduate Students, Research Scholars and Scientists engaged in various ICAR/State Govt. /Govt. of India research schemes are taking full advantage of the valuable collections of Books and periodicals of the library. The University Library is dedicated to the promotion of Educational Research and Extension in the field Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry and Biotechnology and applied Sciences. The Library is growing very fast with Computers, Internet, Multimedia Units and various electronic systems due to the whole hearted financial support extended by ICAR and State Govt. The Library caters to the informational needs of Students, Teachers, Scientists, Research Scholars of all the educational institutes situated in the State of Jharkhand and visiting Agricultural Scientists from the other parts of the country. Following are the list of resources available in the library:

Sl. No. Items No.
1 Collection of  Books 13927
2 Collection of  e-Books 59
3 Thesis 1831
4 Bound Journals 1682
5 Indian e-Journals at CeRA 213
Foreign e-Journals at CeRA 705
6 Book Donated 250
7 Periodicals/ Magazines 19
8 Xeroxing Machine 02
9 Computer 08
10 Printer 04



Contact No.


Dr. D. K. Shahi

Officer In-charge



Sri Manish Kumar

Computer Assistant and

 In- charge Library


manish183@yahoo.com, central_library@rediffmail.com

Sri Shamim Ansari




Sri M. K. Singh