Kanke, Ranchi, Jharkhand

( A State Government University )

Faculties, Center of Agribusiness Management, Ranchi

The university has team of well qualified and committed faculty members with a blend of industry experience and academic excellence to impart teaching. A team of core faculty members have been constituted for providing support to high quality teaching and learning environment.

Our Faculties

S.No. Name of Faculty Qualification
1 Dr. D. K. Shahi, Dean, Agriculture Ph. D (SSAC)
2 Dr. Niva Bara, Director, CABM Ph. D (Extension Education)
3 Dr. S. Karamkar Ph. D (Agronomy)
4 Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh Ph. D (Agronomy)
5 Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Ph. D (Agronomy)
6 Dr. Sheela Barla Ph. D (Agronomy)
7 Dr. R.P. Manjhi Ph. D (Agronomy)
8 Dr. Birendra Kumar Ph. D (Agronomy)
9 Dr. Md. Parwaij Alam Ph. D (Agronomy)
10 Dr. Md. Naiyar Ali Ph. D (Agronomy)
11 Dr. C. S. Singh Ph. D (Agronomy)
12 Dr. B. K. Jha Ph. D (Extension Education)
13 Dr. P. Mahapatra Ph. D (SSAC)
14 Dr. Arvind Kumar Ph. D (SSAC)
15 Dr. Asha Kumari Sinha Ph. D (SSAC)
16 Dr. P. K. Singh Ph. D (Entomology)
17 Dr. I. A. Ansari Ph. D (Agril. Engineering)
18 Dr. Pramod Rai Ph. D (Agril. Engineering)
19 Dr. Supriya Singh Ph. D (Seed Technology)
20 Dr. S. Sengupta Ph. D (Horticulture)
21 Dr. Sanyat Mishra Ph. D (Horticulture)
22 Dr. H.C. Lal Ph. D (Plant Pathology)
23 Dr. M. K. Barnwal Ph. D (Plant Pathology)
24 Dr. Niraj Kumar Ph. D (G.P.B)
25 Dr. Surya Prakash Ph. D (G.P.B)
26 Dr. C.S. Mahto Ph. D (G.P.B)
27 Dr. Shashi Kiran Tirkey Ph. D (G.P.B)
28 Dr. Kerobim Lakra Ph. D (Agricultural Economics)
29 Dr. Pargyan Thakur Ph. D (Agricultural Physics)
30 Dr. S. S. Kullu Ph. D (Animal Nutrition)
31 Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha Ph. D (Animal Nutrition)

Guest Faculties

S.No. Name of Faculty Qualification
1 Dr. Hari Haran B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D
2 Dr. R. P. Singh Ph. D (Agricultural Economics)
3 Dr. V. Dhar Ph. D (Agricultural Economics)
4 Dr. Taposh Ghoshal MBA, Ph.D
5 Dr. Surbhi Srivastava M.Com, MBA, Ph.D
6 Dr. Suhani Gupta MBA, Ph.D
7 Mr. Sajal Kumar MCA
8 Mrs. Lopa Mudra B.Tech, MBA
9 Mr. Ajit Kumar Sinha B.Tech, MBA, LLB
10 Mr. Birendra Trivedi B.Sc., MBA
11 Mrs. Vandana Sahu Ph. D (Psychology)
12 Mrs. Archana Sinha MBA (RD) PGDESD, PGDT&D
13 Dr. Himidri Sinha MBA, Ph.D.
14 Mrs. Maya Singh MBA
15 Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal MBA (IIM, Ahmedabad)
16 Mr. C. Mouli MBA (Supply Chain)
17 Mr. Vikas Sharma MBA, NET
18 Dr. Susmit Roy MBA, Ph.D.
31 Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha Ph. D (Animal Nutrition)