Physical Facilities

Institutional area and farm land

University at its headquarter at Ranchi has four colleges i.e. Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry and Biotechnology which is spread over on an area of 354 ha. In addition to this, University has altogether 1250 ha of land at Ranchi including 1000 ha of land at Gauria Karma Farm, Hazaribagh. It has about 140 ha of land at different KVKs.

(A) Area of Central Farm (old RAC farm)
i. Total area under farm
ii. Total area under cultivation
(a) Area under research
(b) Area under seed production
iii. Area under road, building playground orchards etc.
iv. Area under faculty of forestry
v. Area under ponds and reservoir
vi. Farming System Model, Technology Park (including Protected Horticulture)
155 ha
88 ha
60 ha
28 ha
51 ha
6 ha
4 ha
5.95 ha
(B) Ranchi Veterinary college campus 104 ha
i. Area under RAC fodder farm
ii. Area under NHM for vegetable seed production and orchard
iii. Road, building, gymnasium
iv. Earthen nursery for fisheries
64 ha
6 ha
33.6 ha
0.4 ha
(C) Area under Gauria Karma Farm 850 ha
i. Area under roads, building and ponds
ii. Pond
iii. Waste land
iv. Cultivable land for seed production
50 ha
150 ha
200 ha
450 ha
(D) Different zonal research station 168 ha
i. Dumka
ii. Chianki (Palamau) and Chatrapur
iii. Darisai (East Singhbhum)
24 ha
64 ha
80 ha
(E) Krishi Vigyan Kendras (10 ha. Each KVK in 16 districts) 160 ha
Total 1437 ha
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