The University maintains five libraries-one Central Library and four College Libraries.

Central Library

The Central Library, Birsa Agricultural University was established in the year 1987. During the last 30 years of its existence, sincere efforts have been made to equip the library. The post graduate students, research scholars and scientists engaged in various ICAR / State Govt. / Govt. of India schemes are making full uses of the library facilities.
The Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke Ranchi is University having dedicated to the promotion of Education, Research and Extension in Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry and Biotechnology. It has the largest collection on Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry and Biotechnology and allied subjects. Library is growing very fast with computers, multimedia units and various electronics gadget due to the whole hearted financial provisions of the ICAR-NATP project. The library caters the informational needs to Students, Teachers, Scientists and Research Scholars of all the educational institutions situated in Ranchi.

Status of Central library till 31st March 2017:

Collection of Books – 13,922
Thesis – 1,604
Bound Journals – 1,682
Periodicals/Magazines – 20
Xeroxing Machine – 01
Computer with Printer – 13+02
TV – 01

Latest books arrival in Central Library:

Sl.No Name of Book Author
1. Agriculture Entomology and Pest Management S. Pradhan
2. Biological Control of Plant Diseases and Weeds Pratibha Sharma
3. Advances in Kodo Millet Research H. S. Yadava& A K Jain
4. Commercial Fibre Crops and Their Utilization Bhairab Chandra Mitra
5. Biofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture A C Gaur
6. Drainage Engineering A.K. Bhattacharya
7. Drip Irrigation T B Rajput &Neelam Patel
8. Farm Machinery and Maintenance Surendra Singh & Prof. S R Verma
9. Energy For Production Agruculture Surendra Singh &RadheyShyam Singh
10. Honeybee and their Management in india RC Misra
11. Irrigation of Field Crops Dr. S SParihar& B S Sandhu
12. Mushroom Cultivation J.N. Kapur
13. Organic Manures A C Gaur , S Neelakantan and K S Dargan
14. Plant Genetic Resources in India Perspective B P Singh &UmeshSrivastava
15. Processing, Chemistry and Application of Lac BangaliBaboo& D. N. Goswami
16. HandBook of Agriculture
17. Rising Atmospheric Carbon Di oxide DC Uprety& VR Reddy
18. Soil and Water Conservation Research in India VV DhruvaNarayana
19. Textbook of Agriculture Marketing & co-operation LK Wader
20. Textbook of Agricultural Meteorology M C Varshneya&^ P Balakrisna
21. Textbook of Introductory Plant Nematology Raman K Walia& Harish K Bajaj
22. Pesticide Residue Analysis Manual KK Sharma
23. Textbook of Community Nutrition SalilSehgal& Rita S Raghuvanshi
24. Textbook of Drainage Engineering Ranbir Kumar &Joginder Singh
25. Textbook of Forest Engineering A G Koppad
26. Textbook of Family Approach in Extension Programme Management Sunita Roy T Verma&Puspa Gupta
27. Textbook of Field Crops Production- Food grains crops Vol-1 Rajendra Prasad
28. Textbook of Field Crops Production- Commercial Crops Vol-2 Rajendra Prasad
29. Textbook of Mycology A K Sarbhoy
30. Textbook of Soil Science R K mehra
31. Wild Relatives of Cultivated Plants in India K Pradeep K. C Bansal
32. Pulse Productivity: Physiological Constraints JDS Panwar& J P Srivastva
33. Handbook of Agricultural Engineering ICAR
34. Banana VN Madhava
35. Citrus Fruits SP Ghosh
36. Home Gardening Partibha
37. Mango ShyamNaginaPanday
38. Management of Harvest Diseases of Fruits, Vegetables and Tuber Crops Susamma Philip
39. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant H C Srivastva
40. Ornamental Horticulture in India KL Chadha & B Choudhury
41. Papaya Mansha Ram
42. Pineapple KL Chadha
43. Handbook of Horticulture
44. Pest-Harvest Management & Processing of Fruits & Vegetables NS Rathore , GH Mathur
45. The Rose in India BP Pal
46. Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables Girdhari& G L Tandon
47. Textbook of Food Science Technology VijayaKhader
48. Textbook of Vegetable Tuber Crops and Spices S Thamburaj ^&Narendra Singh
49. Convenience Products From Fish TK Srinivasan Gopal & KG Ramachandran
50. Aquahouse- New Dimension of Sustainable Aquaculture RinaChakarabarti& Jai Gopal Sharma
51. Animal Genetics Resources of India Cattle and Buffalo A E Nivsarker& M S Tantia
52. Dairy Farming Avtar Singh , B. K. Joshi& Shiv Prasad
53. Diseases of Goat and Sheep S C Dubey, N ,ishra& A K Sinde
54. Epidemiology , Diagnosis and Management of Zoonoses K G Narayan
55. Genetics Concepts in Animal Breeding H K B Parekh & P N Srivastva
56. Ornamental Fish Farming Mahesh Chander& B Subrahmanyeswari
57. Organic Livestock Farming Saroj K Swain & S Ayyappan
58. Handbook of Animal Husbandry
59. Reproductive Disorders in Indian Livestock A RamamohanaRao
60. Stock Assessment of Tropical Marine Fishes E Vivekanadan
61. Sheep Production S K Kaushish
62. Swine Production D P Sharda
63. Textbook of Clinical Veterinary Medicine R D Sharma, M C Sharma& Mahesh Kumar
64. Textbook of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Epideomology R D Sharma, M C Sharma& Mahesh Kumar
65. Handbook of Fisheries and Aquaculture ICAR
66. Text book of Fish Processing Technology Dr. K. Gopalkumar
67. Nutrient Requirement of Cattle and Buffalo ICAR
68. Nutrient Requirement of Sheep, Goat and Rabbit ICAR
69. Nutrient Requirement of Poultry ICAR
70. Nutrient Requirement of Pig ICAR
71. Nutrient Requirement of Finfish and Shellfish ICAR
72. Nutrient Composition of Indian Feeds and Fodder ICAR
73. KelekiBagwani Dr. ShyamNagina, Dr. S D Pandey
74. PapityekisaphlBagwani Dr. Mansa Ram
75. MasalekiKheti Dr. R. K. Sharma
76. Lichi Dr. Rajesh Kumar
77. Soil Testing for Balanced Fertilizer Dr. HLS tandon
78. Soil Health Management Dr. HLS tandon
79. Micronutrient HandBook Dr. HLS tandon
80. Compost HandBook MC Manna
81. Fertilizer Management Dr. HLS tandon
82. Biofertilizer Handbook Dr. P Bhattacharya
83. Biofertilizer& Organic Fertilizer Dr. HLS tandon
84. Sulphur in Soil, Crops & Fertilizers Dr. HLS tandon
85. Soil Fertility, Fertilisers and INM Dr. HLS tandon
86. Nutrient Uptake, Recycling and Removal by Crops Dr. HLS tandon
87. Nutrient Management in Horticulture Crops Dr. HLS tendon& Dr. KN Tiwari
88. Fertilizers Dr. HLS tandon
89. Fertilisers in Indian Agriculture Dr. HLS tandon
90. Method of Analysis ofSoils, Plants, Waters, Fertilizers & Organic Manure Dr. HLS tandon
91. Dictionary of Secondary & Micronutrients Dr. HLS tandon
92. Nutrient Management Recommendations for Pulses and Oilseeds Dr. HLS tandon
93. Organic Recycling and Biofertilsiation in South Asia Dr. HLS tendon
94. Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming A.M. Dhopte
95. Fundamentals of Soil Science A. Rathinasamy& B. BakiyathuSaliha
96. Dryland Technology M. L. Jat
97. Organic Agriculture J. C. Tarafdar
98. Perspectives on the Micronutrient Nutrition of Crops Kalyan Singh, Satoshi Mori & Ross M. Welch
99. Biofertilizers Technology Kannaiyan, S.
100. Chemistry of the Soil, 2nd ed. Bear, F.E
101. Fertilizers and Their Use, 4th Ed. FAO
102. Organic Agriculture Tarafdar, J.C.
103. Plant Physiology Research Methods Narwal, S.S.
104. Plant Physiology Under Changing Environment Hemantaranjan, A.
105. Soil Chemical Analysis Jackson, M.L.
106. Soil Surey Laboratory Methods Manual USDA
107. Sustainable Development of DrylandAgricure in India Singh, R.P.
108. Physiology of Nutrition and Environmental Stresses on Crop Productivity A. Hemantaranjan

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Prof. Incharge
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