M. Sc. Programme

Code Subject Credits
BT-501 Genetics 2+0
BT-502 Principles of Cytogenetics 2+1
BT-503 Cell Biology 2+0
BT-504 Molecular Biology I 2+0
BT-505 Molecular Biology II 2+0
BT-506 General Microbiology 2+0
BT-507 Industrial microbiology 2+0
BT-508 Plant Tissue Culture 2+1
BT-509 Physical Biochemistry 2+0
BT-510 Chemistry of compounds of biochemical interest 2+0
BT-511 Plant Biochemistry 2+1
BT-512 Biochemical Metabolism 2+0
BT-513 Clinical Biochemistry 2+1
BT-514 Genetic engineering 3+0
BT-515 Techniques in Biotechnology (Biochemistry) 0+2
BT-516 Techniques in Biotechnology (Molecular Biology) 0+2
BT-517 Molecular Immunology 2+0
BT-518 Molecular Enzymology 2+0
BT-519 Animal Cell culture 2+0
BT-520 Embryo transfer technology 2+0
BT-521 Environmental Biotechnology 2+0
BT-522 Soil Biotechnology 1+0
BT-523 Elementary Bio-informatics 1+1
BT-524 Techniques in Biotechnology (Microbiology) 0+2
BT-525 Techniques in Biotechnology (ETT) 0+2
BT-526 Techniques in Biotechnology (Animal Tissue Culture) 0+1
BT-591 Seminar 0+1
BT-592 On Job Training (6-8 weeks) Non-credit
BT-600 M.Sc. Thesis work 28
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