The university has team of well qualified and committed faculty members with a blend of industry experience and academic excellence to impart teaching. A team of core faculty members have been constituted for providing support to high quality teaching and learning environment.

  • Dr. M.S.Yadava
    Ph.D (Agronomy)
  • Dr. Hari Haran
    Ph.D, MBA (Marketing Information System) Consultant Director
  • Dr. R.P.Singh
    Ph.D (Agricultual Economics)
  • Dr. V.Dhar
    Ph.D (Agricultual Statistics )
  • Mr. A.K.Sinha
    B.Sc. AME, EMPD, PGEBM,Advance Mgt. (Cranfield School of Mgt. U.K)
  • Mr. Chandra Kant Mani MBA, PGCLSCM(XLRI)
  • Dr. M.K. Singh
    Ph.D (Agronomy)
  • Dr. Devendra Prasad
    Ph.D (Entomology)
  • Dr. R.R.Upasani
    Ph.D (Agronomy)
  • Mr. C. Mouli
    MBA (Supply Chain)
  • Mr. Neyaz Ahmed
  • Md. Sallahuddin
    MBA (Information System)
  • Dr. Niva Bara
    Ph.D ( Extension Education, University of Philippines, Los Banos)
  • Dr. Rekha Sinha
    Ph.D (Home Science, CCSHAY, Haryana)
  • Mr. Brij Mohan Prasad
    PGDBM (XISS), Dip T&D (ISTD, New Delhi) LL.B. (R.U.)
  • Mr. R.N.Mandal Kishor
    M.A, L&SW (Patna University)
  • Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal
    MBA (IIM,Ahmadabad)
  • MDr. P.K.Singh
    Ph.D (Entomology)
  • Dr. B.K.Jha
    Ph.D (Agril. Extension) RAU,Pusa
  • Dr.Supriya Singh
    Ph.D (Seed Technology)
  • Dr. P.Mahapatra
    Ph.D (Soil Science), IARI, NewDelhi
  • Dr. Surya Prakash
    Ph.D (PBG.) ,BAU,Ranchi
  • Dr. H.C.Lal
    Ph.D (Plant Pathology)
  • Dr. Niraj Kumar
    Ph.D (PBG.)
  • Mrs . Bhavana Taneja
    MBA (Marketing & Finance)
  • Dr. Shashi Kiran Tirkey
    Ph.D (PBG.)
  • Mrs. Vandana Sahu
    M.A (Psychology)
  • Mrs. Archana Sinha
    MBA (R.S.)PGD
  • Dr. Md. I. A. Ansari

    M.Tech (Food Engineering) & Ph.D (Food Engineering) IIT Kharagpur

  • Dr. Pramod Rai
    Ph.D (Agril. Engineering)
  • Dr. S.Sengupta
    Ph.D (Horticulture)
  • Dr. C.S.Singh
    Ph.D (Agronomy)
  • Dr. A.K.Singh
    Ph.D (Agronomy)
  • Mrs. Maya Singh
    MBA (HRM)
  • Sri. Jai Prakash
    MS.c (Agril. Economincs)
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