At present the Assistant Professors (Contractual) has been appointed to run the course . They are;

Sl. No. Name Specialization
1 Mr. Deepak Agarwal Aquaculture (Biotechnology)
2 Mr. Nitin Verma Aquaculture(Mariculture)
3 Mr. Irfan Ahmad Bhat Fish Breeding & Genetics
4 Mr. Irshad Ahmad Hajam Aquaculture(Inland)
5 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Fisheries Resource Management
6 Mr. Sarvendra Kumar Physiology & Biochemistry
7 Mr. Om Pravesh Kr Ravi Aquatic Environmental Management
8 Mr. Bhartendu Vimal Aquatic Animal Health Management
9 Dr. Swarnadyuti Nath Fish Processing Technology
10 Ms.Shweta Kumari Fisheries Extension Education